An ecosystem for
digital twins in healthcare

European Commission call for proposals to uptake of digital solutions in health and care

1 000 000 EUR

Budget for the Coordination and Support Action

Funding rate
Foster knowledge sharing, analyse and monitor, transfer of innovative practices
Analyse and monitor the uptake of digital health solutions in regions (with a
particular focus on rural and remote areas), Member States and associated
countries. This will include independent living and telemedicine solutions,
primary and secondary use of health data, related standards, certification and
relevant exchange formats, interoperability (in compliance with EU and
national legislation). The assessment will also cover wider aspects such as
their economic value to both patients and health and care systems, their
impact on health and care efficiency and continuity of care, financing and
reimbursement models, and citizen empowerment.

Stimulate mutual learning and transfer of innovative practices between regions, Member States and associated countries; support large-scale deployment of trusted digital health solutions and services; facilitate benchmarking, impact assessment and knowledge sharing between stakeholders.
Build on the results of previous and ongoing EU initiatives
This work should build on the results of previous and ongoing EU initiatives and have
a clear focus on supporting supply and demand sides in implementing scaling up
strategies for innovative solutions (technology, integration of health and social care,
systemic change).

In particular, complementarity and consistency should be ensured
with the outcomes, guidelines and strategies delivered in projects funded under e.g.
SC1-HCC-05-2018 and any other relevant efforts to link initiatives in the scope of the
digital transformation of health and care in the Digital Single Market. The work should
also ensure synergies with relevant efforts supported under Horizon Europe cluster 1
“Health”, in particular with the Co-funded Partnership with Member States and
Associated Countries aimed at Transforming Health and Care Systems.
KPIs to measure ‘Outcomes and deliverable’
  • Number of stakeholders brought together and supported innovation transfer/capacity building activities;
  • Number of national/regional initiatives addressed;
  • Dimensions addressed in the monitoring and analysis of the uptake and integration of digital tools and solutions;
  • Contribution of the policy activities to i) The Quality of Life of the EU population, ii) The Sustainability of Health and Care delivery and iii) Economic growth and job-creation in the EU;
  • Presence of national/regional strategies on digital transformation of health and care;
  • Accelerated progress on uptake and integration of digital solutions along the continuum of health and care across the EU.;
  • Enhanced market conditions that can facilitate economies of scale for the suppliers of technology and services;
  • Number of relevant stakeholders consulted on the use and impact of digital technologies in health and care;
  • Number of (cross-border) innovative practice exchanges between regions and Member States benefitting from the support action;
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